Why Multilingual People?

We have a strong desire to offer and deliver something a little different in terms of product and service delivery. Although the market was and is flooded with various recruitment agencies, Multilingual People identified a number of bugbears with the usual mainstream offering that frustrated our potential client base thus creating an opportunity to provide something different:

  • Membership NOT just registration; a database driven by quality NOT size.
  • Matching talent to needs NOT CV’s to jobs.
  • Commercially aware consultants NOT sales driven clones.
  • A single point of contact NOT a split disciplined approach.
  • A shortlist of Members for each role NOT an irrelevant database dump.
  • A desire to earn our fee through consulting expertise NOT luck.
  • Partnership NOT Process.

Multilingual People apply the same approach across the board regardless of whether we are working with a commercial giant or a small entrepreneurial start up. Our primary focus is always to source the highest quality multilingual candidates through the most appropriate / relevant method:

  • Database selection.
  • Headhunting / search instructions.
  • Retained /targeted campaigns.
  • Advertised assignments.

Mirroring the candidate Membership Scheme we also encourage our clients to become ‘Multilingual People Members’. We choose only to work with the best candidates on the market and likewise wish to service a client base that represents quality, excellence and success.