At Multilingual People we actively operate a membership database. Registration is only the start of the process.

 Unlike the generic approach adopted by large recruitment agencies, we will get to know you, really understand what makes you tick and tailor our approach to your needs. We will then match your individual talent to current opportunities as well as proactively find the best suited organisations and roles for you. We understand how we can best contribute to your success.

 Membership Not just Registration Becoming an Multilingual PeopleMember is not guaranteed. Membership is a pledge to proactively help those worthy of this status. Talent, ability, effort and drive are the traits we look for. Eligibility is simply not about a few key words on a CV.

 We focus exclusively on sourcing the best multilingual candidates in Central and Eastern Europe. Whatever your career level, Graduate to Director, Multilingual People is committed to finding its members the right role.

 As an Multilingual People member you can expect much more from your consultant:

  • A genuinely proactive approach with an action plan to find you the right role.
  • Comprehensive interview preparation and honest feedback.
  • Professional CV guidance.
  • Reward and acknowledgement for excellence and loyalty.
  • Our clients will know that as an Multilingual People Member you are our preferred choice.